black swan costume

Black Swan Costume

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One of my favorite times of the year is right around the corner! Every year I take my time to recreate a character to escape reality for a day. Because why not?! Every day you must be yourself but it does feel pretty darn good to enter a fantasy world for a day. I don’t get to play ‘do-it-yourself’ too often but Halloween is definitely the time of the year where I like to create everything on my own. For starters it can be less costly but more importantly it’s the opportunity to get creative and add your little touch to what you’re creating.  Historically I have been known to go the extra mile and I wanted to keep tradition this year. And I decided to be a ballerina, but not just any ballerina… the Black Swan. Ever since I watched the movie I became infatuated with this theatrical makeup and the character itself. Natalie Portman played a role that roped me in and took me to a place that felt somewhat familiar. Yes, I know what you guys are thinking… some parts of the movie are disturbing but the reality is, to be successful sometimes you have to become a little obsessive.  She guides us on how with enough dedication and hard work we can accomplish the imaginable. I’m not suggesting you take it as far as she did but we all get the point.

Besides finalizing the pieces to wear for this look, nailing the make up look is really what you should focus on since it’s what realizes the look. But if you’re wondering what to wear, I suggest a black corset with a black tutu and somehow wire the tutu to have it appear flat. Adding jewels and feathers to the corset is a must as well as wearing a jeweled black crown. I found one at Etsy: here.

Valentina from @vmaggia worked her magic and completed this makeup look on me. And I have to say I had so much fun and absolutely loved it!!  At first it may seem like a hard look to recreate since it’s so perfected but she insists that this look is in fact very achievable. You want to ensure you lightly pat the white paint on your face so it doesn’t come out cakey. Of course, outlining the eyes with a thin eye liner and then filling it in with a gel liner is the way to go… Keep in mind that you want to softly stroke out to the side of your temples to add the feathery effect. Incorporate silver and blue metallic on top of the black gel liner to add dramatization to the look. The beautiful part is that even though the outline on the eyes may need to be perfected the rest is intended to look messy. We all know how the Black Swan went a little coocoo towards the end so the imperfections are necessary to make it more realistic. Also contour the sides of your cheeks and your nose…Val combined two colors from the makeup forever palette to create a light grey/brown for contouring.

Add red contacts, pink tights and ballerina slippers and take your best leap into your upcoming Halloween party! Now THAT’S how you make a grand entrance.

Products used:

Face paint: Makeup Forever Flash palette

Black Gel Liner: Mac Chromaline

Silver & Blue Liner: Urban Decay ‘Cuff’ & ‘Abyss’

Lipstick: Sephora Liquid Lipstick Black Cherry #27

Translucent White Powder: Ben Nye Makeup

Eye liner: Stila in Jet Black

Special thanks to Valentina for recreating this look with me and for sharing her tips!

xx neon hue

Photography by @crkphotocraft

black swan

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