firefly 2017

Firefly Music Festival 2017

Firefly music festival! I would say the biggest festival in the East coast area. It is hosted at the Dover International Speedway only 2 hours and a half away from NJ. It’s like the Disneyland of festivals. With so many attractions everywhere, I’d be very confused if you ever got bored. The lineup was okay this year but the great thing is that I spent alot of the extra time in between performances to really cover the grounds. I made it to almost every single stage and attraction. The backyard stage, the pavilion (which is where we saw Jazzy Jeff DJ some 90s music, he even played my girl Eve- who’s that girl), the main stage, the Lawn, the coffee house, the tree house… that’s just stages ya’ll. They have ‘The Nook’ which is a designated hammock hangout area in the woods. How about the Brewery where we were able to try some local beer by DogFish Head including one called the ‘Firefly Ale’. We also hung out at Stella Artois Airstream in VIP. The bathrooms are the best part in VIP, clean and you can flush guys. When we couldn’t take the 89 degree weather anymore we would head over to the Artist Lounge to recharge our phones and enjoy the air conditioner.  Walking around led us to discover a new band (new to us) that won an opportunity to perform at Firefly at the Tree House. I really enjoy discovering artists at festivals! There’s a reason they won the Big Break Live Showcase contest, they sound great. They are ‘Kid Felix’ from NJ, make sure you check out their music.

I’ve been saying I want to camp and I really mean it guys, I can’t wait to go next year camp it out… take naps in between… because there is too much to cover and alot of walking involved. And even though we did a pretty darn good job covering most of it in one day, I’d like to divide and concur it all in at least 2 days next time.  Go to firefly next year to see your favorite band or to discover new artists. Below are some of the highlights in between performances. Thank you Red Frog events for providing us with Media/Photo Passes and for really working so hard to make this experience stand out from all other festivals. We appreciate such a well organized event and the creativity showcased everywhere!

Outfit details:

Top: Free People | Denim Shorts: Levi’s 501 cutoffs-North Beach Noise | earrings: Free People | Sunglasses: Free People | Sandals: Teva -Sale | Handbag: Tiezzo Aldo Shoes or Dolce & Gabbana

Hair and makeup by me

xx neon hue

Photography by Christopher Kern

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