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be the brightest hue you could be

The spring/summer is upon us! I choose to live in a world full of colors all year around. Seeing the bright and beautiful colors make their comeback in stores everywhere, thanks to Spring, makes me feel so happy! Even though they tried to push dark and blacks during the Fall/Winter, you all witness how I didn’t completely cave in but instead I paired darks with darker colorful shades, like a dark pink, a dark blue or even a ruby red. In winter it’s all about keeping these colors alive while pairing with darker tones.

Many tend to ask how did you come up with the name ‘neon hue’ or why did I choose that name?  Being that today is international women’s day it’s something I’d like to share more about.  First off,  the name had to be something associated to bright colors, that was a must. Colors are part of who I am, they always have been, and they make me smile. If you come into my apartment you’ll discover a bright accent wall in every single one of my rooms. I always gravitate towards the brighter colors and that’s one of the bigs things I love about Latin America and the Carribbean. The people tend to paint their houses colors like bright coral, a lilac, or a mint green and I just love love that and hope to have my very own royal blue house somewhere.  So I started brainstorming and came up with a list at the office at work. I vaguely remember some I came up with like cheerfulcolors, lovelycolors and I knew besides the domain being available, another important factor was it just had to click and feel right. I remember sharing these with a co worker at a time and even she agreed that these weren’t quite clicking and they just didn’t sound too catchy. So I kept looking for synonyms and combining all sorts of words together… And there it was neon hue made its way to the list! The best part was the the domain was available at the time and the name represented much more than just colors. There is a metaphoric meaning behind it for me. Neon being the brightest out of all colors usually tends to stand out the most. What I wanted to bring to this blog are my unique qualities that make me stand out amongst the rest. A way to promote others to stand out and be proud of who they are and to push themselves creatively and challenge the norm.  I don’t believe that anyone is better than anyone else but I do believe it is okay to celebrate one another, to be proud of who you are and to HIGHLIGHT the qualities and characteristics that make you who you are. Because those are the things that make you unique and DIFFERENT. So today I say ‘be the brightest hue you could be’.  I see you shining. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it !  We are who we are by nature! Gentle, intelligent, empowering, beautiful, strong, resilient, etc. I’m so proud to be a woman, a mother and a Latina! Besides my style I’m happy to share with you my journey along my way and my deep rooted culture that makes me the woman that I am today. I also want to encourage you, inspire you, motivate you to start doing what you love… I started by coming up with a list of names to choose from and the rest is history, how will you start today? Also let’s keep high-fiving those women around us that are accomplished and that are succeeding, let’s empower one another. Happy International Women’s day.

I’m seeing red everywhere! I’m personally okay with saying goodbye to the winter in red. Currently obsessed with this cable knit sweater in red with these small pom poms, more info: here 

The pants, more info: here

xx neon hue

Photography by Sarah Kuszelewicz


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